Wow, it’s been 10 days and somehow I haven’t found the time to blog. Quelle surprise!

But I have been doing well in some other areas of resolution. Well as well as can be expected when you are me.

School – I went and took placement tests and got accepted to my local community college. I signed up to two classes and bought the necessary books. It took me all of 4 hours to drop the classes online. Let’s see how late I can leave it before returning the books.

Gym – I started a free trial on Monday. Admittedly only one day has passed since then. But I have every intention of signing up before the week ends. Of course we know how that usually goes.

Clutter – its coming along slowly. I organized the kids clothes today. And left a big pile of old ones to sort out some other time. Yeah.

I’m getting there. I got some great advice on getting evaluated for ADHD from Stark Raving Mad Mommy today, and I’m planning on seeing my doctor asap. The whole idea that I’m not actually just lazy and unorganized is quite amazing. I don’t know if I can imagine what life would be like any other way, but I think I could like it.